Compliance Trainings

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” – Alfred Mercier
Traditional click-through information and quiz courses miss the ingredients for employees to relate to them, internalize the information, and apply it. We provide a highly engaging learning experience that leverages the power of interactions, scenarios and advanced animation to impart learning that will stick and get applied at work.

Our Ethics & Compliance Training Modules Include:

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Learn to identify, deal with and report inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature. Our POSH elearning training module follows the Indian POSH Act, 2013, and covers best practices to prevent sexual harassment.

Code of Ethical Business Conduct

De-risk your business from intended or unintended ethical transgressions. Drive personal, legal, behavioural, and business-centric outcomes and consequences with this CoC elearning training module.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Build your employees’ awareness on local and international ABAC laws, like the FCPA, UKBA, and more. This ABAC online elearning training module explores nuances like facilitation payments, your company’s gift policy, vendor onboarding procedures and more.

Information Security Awareness

Educate your workforce on what Information Security is all about.

Diversity & Inclusion

To become aware of and prevent unconscious bias and other barriers to diversity & inclusion.

Understanding Prohibition of Insider Trading

Provides a solid understanding of insider trading to identify risks and prevent violations.

Understanding Whistleblowing: A Guide to Raising Concern

Identify various forms of potential ethical threats and learn how to report them.

The Art of Leadership

Positive communication can help leaders motivate their team to excel.

Short Videos:

Conflict of Interest

To train employees to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest.

Anti-Trust & Fair Competition

Take a deeper dive into understanding the major anti-trust & competition laws.

Vendor Code of Conduct

To enable your vendors/ suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct requirements.

Work from Home

Anti-Sexual Harassment policy applies even when working from home.

Social Media Policy

Outlines how employees should conduct themselves online as per social media policy.

Vendor Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Build your vendors’ awareness on local and international ABAC laws, like the FCPA, UKBA, and more.



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