Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

The risk of corruption is perceived to be different in different parts of the world. While laws of different countries are extra-territorial in nature, they are each unique in some aspects. They can be confusing to understand and impossible to remember!
Course Preview:
Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act of Canada and the Indian Prevention of Corruption Act all prohibit bribes given to Public Officials. Only the UK Bribery Act has a larger ambit, which prohibits public as well as commercial bribery. The U.S. FCPA presents significant liability, risks, and compliance challenges for U.S. firms pursuing business opportunities in India. Alongside this, the anti-corruption framework in India is gaining strength and seeing an uptick in implementation. Integrity Matters’ Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption elearning module talks about the many Indian and relevant overseas legislations, extensively focusing on daily practices to spot and avoid red flags when it comes to dealing with government officials, third parties, HR practices and much more. This online training will help employees thoroughly understand the policies and legal requirements necessary for an ethical workplace and highlight the importance of their role in preventing bribery and corruption.
All that’s needed in one impactful training module:
  • Attention-grabbing opening scenario, prompting introspection.
  • Interactive and nuanced dilemma scenarios are interspersed throughout the module.
  • Basic concepts of Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, their key elements and consequences.
  • A comparison of important local and international laws explaining their applicability
  • Mitigating the key risk areas and how to identify potential risks and red flags.
  • ABAC Compliance procedure details as per company policy highlighted through infographics
  • Vendor ABAC version also available
Course Details:
Module Options: Level 3 – Highly captivating animated video with voiceover
  • Accessibility options with closed captioning are also available
Assessment and Certification Options:
  • Certificate of Competency (Objective MCQs and Scenario-based Quiz)
  • Certificate of Completion (No Assessment)
Hosting Options:
  • Host on our robust and scalable LMS
  • Host on your own standards-compliant LMS (AICC and SCORM)
Complimentary customization options for the course:
  • Your company’s logo and colours
  • Include your policy documents
  • Include your reporting channels
  • Customize the assessment
Course Content:


Bribery & Corruption

  • Key Elements
  • Consequences

Governing Legislations

  • Anti-Corruption Framework in India
  • International Legislations
  • Acts Applicable to the Company

Mitigating Risks

  • Key Risk Areas
  • ABC Compliance Program

Company Code of Conduct

  • Complying with the Code

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

  • ABC Code & Third-Parties
  • Interaction with Public Officials
  • Gifts, Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Donations
  • Procedures for Imprest
  • Human Resources Onboarding

Reporting a Violation

  • Protection of Whistleblowers
  • Responsibilities of Employees
Services provided on our LMS:
  • Cloud-hosted LMS subscription with your company’s logo and custom URL
  • IT helpdesk to resolve user queries
  • Custom e-mail notifications including course completion reminders
  • Customized completion certificate
  • User management (Monthly)
  • Weekly MIS reports and completion tracking
  • Full module hosting or licence-based hosting
  • Single Sign-on integration (Chargeable)
This course works well with:

Vendor Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Build your vendors’ awareness on local and international ABAC laws, like the FCPA, UKBA, and more.

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